Production Process Eco

ECO-Friendly Manufacture

ECO by Cosentino® applies a new technology which has been developed and is being manufactured in the company headquarters in Cantoria (Almeria, Spain) by an entirely environmentally friendly process.

ECO by Cosentino® re-uses waste products by creating a pioneering and eco-friendly product which sensibly makes use of natural resources.

The recyclable materials used to manufacture ECO by Cosentino® can be divided into two categories: Post-consumer materials which have reached the end of their useful life and Post-industrial materials, from factories, manufacturing waste or products surplus to the manufacturing process.

ECO by Cosentino® is composed of 75% recycled materials. The remaining 25% is made up from a blend of quartz, natural stone, pigments and exclusive partially vegetable resin.

Eco Production Process


The raw materials are supplied by commercial organizations who specialize in waste management. These materials undergo a thorough cleaning, filtering, and grading process.


The materials are then poured into a mixer and combined with the exclusive Cosentino environment resin.


When the mixture has melted, it is spread onto a large conveyor belt and compressed by vibrocompression.


The compressed product is treated in an industrial oven for 1 hour and allowed to cool for a day.


The slab is calibrated and polished with diamond buffing pads to create the finished product.