Low Maintenance for a Long-Lasting Surface.

ECO by Cosentino® requires very little maintenance to keep it as good as the day it was installed.

ECO surfaces do not need any sealants since they are not porous. To maintain the beauty and sheen of ECO surfaces, just clean with soap and water

The treatment of stubborn stains, sudden changes of temperature or contact with chemical products is also easy and simple. You will just need to take some simple precautions

Exposure to the Sun

Long exposure to intense sun may cause discoloration in the ECO surface colour. That is why it must not be used outdoors


Remove spillage immediately. Leave the area to soak for ten minutes with a Ph neutral cleanser or common soap and water. Rinse and remove soap with a soft™.

In the case of a dried stain (i.e. remains of food, chewing-gum, etc.) use a spatula or a similar implement to lift and then apply soap and hot water with a so™ft.

You should never use chemical based sealant products.

Sudden Changes
of Temperatures

ECO by Cosentino® can bear high temperatures for short periods of time. However, as with many stone surfaces, exposure to heat may damage the surface due to rapid changes of temperature.

You should always use trivets and mats under hot objects.

Do not place earthenware pots, heavy saucepans, or any other similar objects directly onto the ECO surface.


Some oven and floor cleaning products may damage the ECO surface. No harsh or abrasive chemicals, solvents and cleansers should be allowed to come into contact with the ECO surface.Examples of products that should not be used on ECO by Cosentino® surfaces: Paint strippers, brush or metal cleaning products, oven cleaning products, methylene chloride cleaning products, acids for unblocking drains, solvent with acetone, etc.

If any of these products are ever spilled onto the surface, remove as soon as possible using plenty water and mild soap.