Are we talking about a new product or a new type of Silestone®?

ECO by Cosentino® is a completely different and new surface. Its manufacturing process is similar to that of Silestone® but the materials used have been transformed entirely. In addition to this, some stages of the process have been altered to fabricate ECO by Cosentino®.

If the product is made of so many recycled materials, won’t it result in a “B” or low quality product?

Cosentino has always been loyal to its commitment of research and care for the environment. We believe innovation can go hand in hand with “eco-friendly” processes and products through recycling, for instance.

ECO by Cosentino® has gone through every assessment test (quality and safety) set by Cosentino when fabricating new products and brands. This product has passed all the tests with similar values as Silestone®. Specific materials are used so as not to diminish the performance of this product and offer top quality. Most of the research done to fabricate this product aims to maintain high standards of quality.

We got through the most complicated stage successfully, which is to join environmental efficiency at the same time we reduce the use of natural resources obtaining the same quality and performance.

Won’t its components diminish the resistance to impact and durability properties?

Quite the opposite. The technology used in this manufacturing process together with the sort of recycled raw materials turn ECO by Cosentino® into a hard and compact surface which is highly resistant to impacts and scratches. Many raw materials have been analyzed before making the selection to produce ECO by Cosentino®.

We considered the possibility of using mollusk crabs as raw material; however, evenhough we “were going to be paid” for removing them from landfills, we could not include them as they are mainly composed by calcium carbonate which will not be resistant to acids.

What use or application is this product recommended for?

If we take into account the guidelines provided by the market, its main application is for coatings and construction as well as for bathroom and kitchen countertops.


Will there be new colors and finishes in the future for this collection?

ECO by Cosentino® has been launched in a wide range of colors and two finishes, which are Polished and the unique Leather (though the latter should be previously ordered and it is only available in certain colors).

Our intention is to widen this brand portfolio as soon as we learn about new trends and raw materials or when there is a great demand.

Where do the recycled materials come from? Does Cosentino manufacture or purchase them?

The noble materials which are recycled to produce ECO by Cosentino® are provided by several market suppliers since this method has proved to be the most efficient so far. The low percentage of stone scraps is supplied by the company.

We expect ECO by Cosentino® scraps to be reused to fabricate the same type of surface in a near future

Are you also responsible for other procedures related to this type of material such as treatment, cleaning, and categorization?

Our suppliers are usually in charge of these procedures, though we have helped them develop some of their technological resources so that they work in accordance with our quality requirements concerning raw materials and distribution processes.

Have you set in motion new facilities or factories to produce ECO by Cosentino®?

ECO by Cosentino® is a recent surface developed from completely different raw materials; thus, we have adjusted the manufacturing processes as well as categorization and filtering procedures, which have also required some investments on the part of our suppliers.

Isn’t it more expensive to fabricate this product from recycled materials than from removed marble, granite or Silestone® itself?

ECO by Cosentino® is an investment in the future. It is common knowledge that producing from recycled materials is indeed more expensive not only for the real cost of those materials but for the high level of technological resources involved in the manufacturing process.

In any case, this is going to change in the upcoming years as our current society’s consumption will carry on growing, thus increasing the amount of waste and scraps and making their treatment more profitable and affordable. In addition to this, the scarce raw materials will rocket the market price of natural resources.

Cosentino emphasizes this is an environmental friendly product. Do you think you’re just following a trend? What does this concern about the environment really consist of?

Cosentino commitment to care for the environment has been shown over the last few years through constant investments in special resources to reduce water and energy consumption as well as the emissions sent out to the environment. All this has implied tens of millions of dollars but on the other hand have placed us at the top level in this sector.

ECO by Cosentino® is not just a brand or an idea. As a company endowed with several decades of experience within this sector, we are aware natural resources are limited. On the same basis, solid waste constitutes a burden for the environment and consumes loads of energy when they are not properly disposed of.

We have the determination to return high quality noble materials to their useful life such as porcelain, glass, mirror glass and ashes coming from energy creation processes, which with an adequate categorization and cleaning procedure along with the latest Cosentino production technologies can result in high quality surfaces like ECO by Cosentino®.

ECO by Cosentino® is composed of 75% of recycled materials and it also uses natural stone scraps from quarries.