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ECO by Cosentino® is certified by different
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A wide range of colors for the most challenging decoration projects

ECO by Cosentino® is available in a wide range of colors which are ideal for every design and decoration project, both for home and commercial buildings. There are colors for all tastes and requirements so that both customers and professionals alike can select their most suitable choice.

ECO by Cosentino® offers two textures: Polished (providing a surface with a brilliant shine) and Leather (providing a surface with a matte finish).

  • White Diamond

    White Diamond
  • Riverbed

  • Forest Snow

    Forest Snow
  • Luna

  • Crystal Sand

    Crystal Sand
  • Black Forest

    Black Forest
  • Red Pine

    Red Pine

  • Spectacular, intense and shiny colors for a unique look.
  • Thick grain size colors with strong personality makes them ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

  • Terra

  • Iron Ore

    Iron Ore
  • Polar Cap

    Polar Cap
  • Crystal Ash

    Crystal Ash
  • Starlight

    Star Light
  • Creamstone

  • Grey Moss

    Grey Moss

  • Average grain size colors of strong shades with lots of personality where glazed ash stands out.
  • Almost plain colors of clean shades for multi-purpose applications.


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